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Flowertokens is an experimental project centered around the tokenization and verification of natural commodities, and a first attempt at creating a combined crypto-collectible physical asset.
Users can buy, trade, and speculate on tokenized dahlias via an online marketplace. The state of the individual tokens will be automatically updated according to the different phases of their corresponding plant’s growth.

Flowertokens further marks the beginning of a series of projects oriented around these themes from terra0 – a group of developers and researchers involved in the planning and creation of hybrid ecosystems.

What do I need to buy a Flowertoken?

A computer or laptop running the desktop version of Chrome or Firefox.

MetaMask, a browser extension and digital wallet used to interact with decentralized applications (dApps).

Ether, a cryptocurrency native to the Ethereum network, used to purchase Flowertokens.

Read more about the project!

On our Medium account you can find three in-depth technical articles, focused on one specific aspect of the Flowertokens project.

Part 1: General concept

Part 2: Physical Infrastructure

Part 3: Oracle + Tokenization

How much does one Flowertoken cost?

We initially sell the tokens for 0.09 ETH, which is at the time of project launch one hundredth of the material expenses of the installation (~40 USD / 35 EUR).

What is a Flowertoken?

The token is a representation of an individual flower in the given system (the Flowertokens installation). The non-fungible token is linked to data generated by the camera oracle through a computer vision program. Token consistency is therefore only achieved within this small system. The data can be accessed at: https://flowertokens.hashbase.io/

What happens if my flower dies?

We do our best to take care of the plants. However, we would like to point out that we are not botanists and that the project was implemented within certain time and budget constraints (e. g. without a full test run). We therefore make no guarantees regarding the plants or the general course of the project (e.g. we cannot guarantee that your flower won’t die).

Can I take my flower out of the system?

Yes! If you purchased a flowertoken and want to exchange it for the real flower (which you can do at any given time) you have to contact us at burn(a)terra0.org. We will guide you through the procedure and make an appointment for pick up.

I noticed there is a fee applied to my transaction, why is that?

On every token trade (buying/selling a Flowertoken) we charge a 10% fee. Half of this fee (i.e. 5% of the total transaction amount) is used to cover the running costs via being fed to our infrastructurePool contract (https://etherscan.io/). The other half of this fee is fed into the Blooming Pool.

What is the Blooming Pool?

The Blooming Pool is a system which will, over the course of the project, pay certain token holders based on the current state of their flower. If the Oracle registers that a flower blooming, it generates a share of the total amount held in the Blooming Pool. This amount can then be withdrawn by the holder (in ether). In a few days we will publish a detailed medium post detailing the underlying Smart Contract infrastructure of both the Blooming Pool and the rest of the system.

Why is the lighting / white balance changing over time?

There are several light sources in the space containing the installation. Each of these has different temperatures (sun-, full-spectrum, and neon light). Because of the different light sources, it is not possible to balance the photos completely so they all appear consistent.